Project Forum


Project Forum

Thursday, 28 July

– Miklós Kiss and Thomas van den Berg: Film Studies in Motion: From Audiovisual Essay to Academic Research Video, by Miklós Kiss and Thomas van den Berg, a Scalar e-book, forthcoming

– Antonio Somaini: Notes for a General History of Cinema?, by Sergei M. Eisenstein, ed. by Antonio Somaini and Naum Kleiman, Amsterdam UP, 2016

– Annie van den Oever: 1.) Exposing the Film Apparatus. The Film Archive as a Research Laboratory, ed. by Giovanna Fossati and Annie van den Oever (Framing Film Series), Amsterdam UP, 2016, 2.) The Key Debates. Mutations and Appropriations in European Film Studies. Amsterdam UP, 2010-2016, specif. Vol 1. Ostrannenie ed. by Annie van den Oever, Vol. 5, Feminisms, ed. by Laura Mulvey and Anna Backman Rogers, Vol. 6, Screens, ed. by Dominique Chateau and José Moure

– Andea Virginás: Spaces, Bodies, Memories: Cultural Studies Approaches in the Study of Eastern European Cinema, ed. by Andrea Virginás, Cambridge Scholars Publishers, forthcoming


Saturday, 30 July

– Rainer Hillrichs: Poetics of Early YouTube: Production, Performance, Success, by Rainer Hillrichs, e-book, 2016

– Ewa Ciszewska: Film Literacy in Poland. The Practices and the Prospects of Film Education, ed. by Ewa Ciszewska and Jadwiga Mostowska, forthcoming

– Terezie Kriskovka and Adela Mrazova: NaFilM: Interactive Exhibitions as a Means of Informal Film Education for the Public, a student-led project in the Film Studies Department at Charles University, Prague

– Gabriela Whitehead: Corporate Global Nomadism: The Role of the Transnational Professional as Consumer of Popular Management Discourses, by Gabriela Whitehead and Robert Halsall, forthcoming