Pre-conference Workshop

NECS Pre-conference Workshop

Changes and Challenges within the Field of Cinema and Media Studies

July 27th, 3-6 pm
Location: ZeM (Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 4, 14467 Potsdam)

On the occasion of NECS’s 10th anniversary, this workshop aims at reflecting the changes that Cinema and Media Studies has undergone in the past 10 years.

Just as the media system is evolving in unexpected and rapid ways, so is our discipline. What are the key challenges that Cinema and Media Studies faces today? What are the particular trends and developments that answer to them? And what is the reason for their emergence?

The members of all NECS workgroups were invited to suggest topics and questions for this workshop. Based on their input, the discussion will focus on new methods, new objects, and new objectives of research. It will address:

Practice based research
(confirmed discussants: Synne Tollerud, Jaap Kooimans, Miriam de Rosa)

Digital humanities
(confirmed discussants: Marina Hassapopoulou, Eef Mason, Karin van Es)

Methodological challenges of media industry studies
(confirmed discussants: Jaap Verheul, Melis Behlil, Petr Szczepanik, Aida Vallejo)

New forms of media distribution
(confirmed discussants: Ramon Lobato, Skadi Loist, Patrick Vonderau)

Media education
(confirmed discussants: Justyna Budzik, Andrea Pócsik, Alexandra Schneider, Winfried Pauleit)


The members of all NECS workgroups were invited to suggest topics and questions for this pre-conference workshop. Based on their input, the discussion will focus on:

3-5 pm (panel A)
– Media education
– Practice-based research

3-5 pm (panel B)
– Media industries
– Digital humanities

After the Brexit vote, established formats of academic cooperation may face yet another challenge. Which consequences does the current political situation hold for academic cooperation and what can be done to prepare for them or counteract them? The workshop thus closes with an open discussion on European cooperation in times of nationalisation and insulation.

5-6 pm
Open discussion: European cooperation in times of nationalization and insulation

Organized by Malte Hagener and Judith Keilbach