Tourist Programme

Sunday, June 21, 2015

 The last day of conference brings a few tourist treats for the conference participants. We hope that apart from the scholarly value, your stay in Lodz will give you also a chance to experience some culture.

Guided tours will be conducted in English.

10:00-12:00 A tour around the historic Jewish Cemetery in Lodz

The Cemetery at the Bracka Street in Lodz, established in 1892, is not only one of the most important historical monuments and sites of memory in Lodz, but also the largest Jewish Cemetery in Europe of nearly 40 hectare. About 160 000 people are buried there, including most distinguished city residents. The monumental tombstones located in the central part of the cemetery are remainders of the glorious age of industrial Lodz. In the southern part called the “Ghetto Field” about 43.000 victims from the Ghetto Lodz were buried.

Joanna Podolska-Potocka, a journalist from Lodz, an author of many publications on multicultural character of the city, who since 2011 is the director of the Mark Edelman Dialogue Center in Lodz, will be our guide.

The entry fee of 6PLN will be allocated to the restoration of the cemetery.

Meeting place: in front of the entrance to the Mark Edelman Dialogue Center, Wojska Polskiego St. 83, Lodz

Fot. Agata Wencek

13:00-14:00   Couratorial guided tour accompanying the exhibition “Atlas of Modernity. The 20th and 21st Century Art Collection”

“Atlas of Modernity” is an exhibition that tells a story of modernity and its meaning from a contemporary perspective constructed with the works included in the collection. The exhibition at ms2 does not report the history of modernity put in chronological order, neither does it present the history of modern art. It focuses on the most important phenomena that are commonly connected with that which is modern, such as: emancipation, autonomy, industrialisation, capital, urbanisation, experiment, mechanization and revolution. By creating a ‘collage’ of artworks from different periods, representing different aesthetics and artistic attitudes around these notions, the exhibition poses questions about how the character of the phenomena changed, how the way they were perceived altered and, most importantly, to what extent do they shape contemporary reality.

Jarosław Suchan, the Museum’s director and the curator of the exhibition, will be our guide.

Meeting place: ms2, Ogrodowa St. 19, Lodz

Limited number of participants: 15

Fot. Agata Wencek

Apart from the scheduled couratorial guided tour, all the museum departments are open for visitors each day of the conference. All conference participants will be given a free entry ticket granted at the museum cashier’s desk after uttering the password “NECS”. Practical information as regards opening hours and addresses of the museum departments is are available on the website:

15:00-16:00 A tour around the Museum of Cinematography in Lodz

The position of Lodz as a Polish centre of film production was conducive to establishing the Museum of Cinematography in Lodz already in 1976. Since 1986 the Museum of Cinematography in Lodz took over the former palace of Karol Scheibler nearby the Lodz Film School. Apart from being a museum, the institution does also act as a publishing house, manages the Kinematograf studio cinema and is in possession of its own archives of Polish cinematic productions, including works by Wojciech Jerzy Has, Jan Rybkowski or starring Pola Negri.

The exhibition entitled “From a Negative to a Copy” is a combination of the original filming equipment and modern multimedia. It gives an overview of the development of filming techniques since the dawn of cinema up to the present day with an extraordinary collection of film cameras, lights and projectors produced by both, popular foreign producers and PREXER Łódź Cinema Technology Plant. The exhibit is displayed in four different sections: history of the cinema, filming technique, posters and scenography, and animation.

Meeting place: Plac Zwycięstwa 1, Lodz

Limited number of participants: 15

Fot. Agata Wencek

You will be asked to complete a registration to take part in the abovementioned events. More information available soon.