Dear NECS 2014 Conference Delegates,

On behalf of the NECS Conference Committee, we are pleased to announce the Final Programme of the 9th annual NECS Conference on CREATIVE ENERGIES » CREATIVE INDUSTRIES, and to welcome you to Milan, a city globally reknowned for its fashion, design and modernity, and rich in seldom visited ancient buildings and unique galleries. Don’t forget to visit the Conference’s venues and their surroundings, including the Saint Ambrose Basilica, the Sforza Castle, the Science and Technology Museum and Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper at the Saint Mary Basilica.

Milan is celebrated for its creative excellence, and so it seemed to us a suitable location to host a critical reflection on such themes as creation and creativity. Creation and creativity have laid the foundations for a great deal of philosophical speculation in aesthetics, endowed production strategies with an added value, inspired new developments in the cultural sector and played a key part in recent European policies for culture. However, we think that this broad scope of reflection needs to be examined and discussed in order to better understand past and contemporary frameworks and practices that have influenced social, individual and political experience and choices. In this regard, we are particularly proud to have Raymond Bellour (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), Jason Mittell (Middlebury College), and Janet Wasko (University of Oregon) as keynote speakers.

This year’s conference program consists of 117 conference panels and 421 presentations, 3 workshops, 7 NECS workgroup meetings and 9 HoMER panels. The conference will also play host to related events, including a full preconference programme, two industry round tables, the publishers forum, and two special events dedicated to film and TV culture.

» On June 17 and 18, before the start of the Conference, there will be two Preconference events: the NECS Graduate Workshop (June 17-18) and the HoMER Workshop (June 18). We are grateful to DICIS for their generous support to the HoMER Workshop.

» The annual meeting of the Italian national association of film and media studies (CUC) will also take place on June 18.

» On June 18, we will meet at the Piccolo Teatro representatives of Italian high-end companies whose brands are famous at international level.

» The Publishers Area will open on June 19 with a toast sponsored by Amsterdam University Press and EYE Film Institute Netherlands, and will be active during the whole conference.

We will also offer you a series of special screenings in different sites of the city, we hope you will enjoy: on June 19, at the newly restored seat of Museo Interattivo del Cinema (MIC), Fondazione Cineteca Italiana and ALMED Master in ‘Comunicazione e Marketing del Cinema’ will present masterpieces from the Italian silent film era with live accompaniment; and on June 21, in a splendid location in the very heart of the city, Fondazione Catella, our sponsor Sky Italia, in collaboration with ALMED Master ‘Fare Tv. Gestione, Sviluppo, Comunicazione,’ will present the international version of the famous television series Gomorra. La serie, co-authored by Roberto Saviano and directed by Stefano Sollima, an exemplary case of export of Italian media creativity. The event will be followed by the Conference farewell party.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their financial, practical and moral support.

We are grateful to the institutions that have contributed to make this year’s event possible, in particular: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, ALMED – Graduate School in Media, Communications and Performing Arts, the Department of Communication and Performing Arts, and Università degli Studi di Udine.

Finally, we are thankful to the local and previous years society committees and to the continuous support we are receiving from both the Steering and Conference Committees. We see this year’s conference as an essential part of an established path traced throughout the years thanks to the commitment and efforts of us all. We are getting close to the 10th meeting of our society, which will be celebrated next year. From 2006 onwards NECS has grown at a great speed, thanks to its comprehensive and open nature which offered an ideal arena for exchange and discussion in the fields of Film and Media Studies. More than rhetoric and celebration, we consider it to be an extraordinary event that stimulates reflection on the goals and strategies required to move forward. The yearly members’ meeting (June 20) will be the most suitable place to discuss the future of NECS.

We wish you a stimulating and enjoyable time at the Conference!

Very truly yours,
The NECS 2014 Conference Local Organising Team

Alice Cati, Adriano D’Aloia, Ruggero Eugeni, Mariagrazia Fanchi,
Massimo Locatelli, Francesco Pitassio, Massimo Scaglioni