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The European Coproductions

Dear NECS Participants,

Project FIND is one of the co-organizers of the 2013 NECS conference and we would like to draw your attention to Friday June 21st.

FIND is organizing a unique panel discussion on European Coproductions where five renowned film professionals will present their views on how coproduction deals influence creative decisions and on other aspects of this subject.



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Letter from the Program Chair

Petr Szczepanik
Dear NECS 2013 Conference delegates,

On behalf of the NECS Conference Committee and the Local Organizers, I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone coming to Prague for the 8th annual NECS conference.

It is my pleasure to introduce the program, which promises to offer stimulating and fruitful scholarly exchanges. The program consists of 102 panels and 429 presentations, and will boast some 370 conference papers, 40 HOMER papers, 3 workshops, and a special panel of industry professionals. I am also thrilled to welcome our three keynote speakers – Prof. Jonathan Beller, Prof. Georgina Born, and Prof. Gertrud Koch – who will be offering insightful new perspectives on the relationships between politics and media. There are also several new features to this year’s conference program, which reflects our efforts to broaden the scope of this year’s event. These include four pre-conferences, industry panels, a poster forum, and a publication forum. We hope you will find these additions to be both informative and enlightening.

For the financial, practical, and moral support they offered, I would like to thank our main sponsors and the institutions that have helped to make this year's event possible:

  • The main organizer and sponsor: Faculty of Arts, Charles University (Prague)
  • Co-organizers and co-sponsors: Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University (Brno); Faculty of Arts, Palacký University (Olomouc); “Project FIND” (supported by the European Social Fund and the Czech Republic Budget); National Film Archive (Prague); Czech Society for Film Studies
  • Sponsors: The German-Czech Future Fund; the Capital City of Prague
  • Main media partner: Academy of Performing Arts in Prague Press

Due to unprecedented demand, the Conference Committee was faced with the daunting task of selecting from a quite enormous number of proposals – huge thanks therefore go to my dedicated CC colleagues Melis Behlil, Sofia Bull, Daniel Kulle, and Alena Strohmaier, who were responsible for doing just that. The Local Organization team members also deserve huge thanks for the hard work each of them put into the planning and preparation of this year's conference. Šimon Bauer was the hands-on mastermind behind the organization of the conference. Tereza Czesany Dvořáková drew up our budget, and kept a watchful eye on it. Kateřina Svatoňová was invaluable when it came to coordinating site-related issues. Lucie Česálková assisted the pre-conference organizers, the HOMER group, and the poster presenters. The conference's registration system and website were both managed by Alexandra Hroncová, who was also responsible for coordinating services for our conference delegates. All of you received numerous emails from our administrator Patricie Twardowska, who patiently answered quite literally hundreds of queries … day and night. Petra Hanáková and Ivan Klimeš, together with Kateřina, were of great help when it came to putting together panels of scholars who had responded to this year's open call for papers. Daniela Paulová provided support to the keynote speakers and to the industry panel members. Adéla Kokešová and Jan Černík supervised student volunteers. Petr Bilík helped with the support that was given by Palacký University. Vlastimil Bret was responsible for the conference's design work. Richard Nowell edited this brochure.

Since I think we would all agree that the academic demands of a conference need to be off set with one or two cultural events and social opportunities, we warmly invite you to a series of film screenings and to see some of the beautiful sites that the city of Prague has to offer. The National Film Archive's Ponrepo Theater will offer daily film screenings from 19-22 June. After the first of these screenings, there will also by an opportunity for everyone to mingle. Meanwhile, the Institut Français de Prague will show a Chris Maker film. What's more, the Faculty of Arts will be hosting NECS receptions on both 20 June and 21 June. And, last but not least, this year's closing party will be hosted by the Divus Gallery in one of Prague's most striking examples of functionalist architecture – the former headquarters of the Prague Electric Works, which was built in the city's Holešovice district in 1935.

Welcome and Enjoy!
Petr Szczepanik

General Partner




Main Organiser

European social fund in the Czech Republic; European Union; Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports; OP Education for Competitivness; Universitas Masarykiana Brunensis