D-5 / Reminders and Updated information

Dear NECS members
We are only five days away from te beginning of the 2017 NECS Conference, and we really look forward to welcoming you all in Paris!
Please read carefully the various points of this message, since it contains some important informations.
— the updated version (date: 27/06/2017) of the conference program is available here.
— the complete list of the panels that have been sponsored by the various NECS Workgroups is also available here.
— please remember that in order to participate in the conference you need to register as a NECS member for 2017 (https://necs.org/user/register ) and you need to register for the conference: https://necs.org/conference/registration/
— once you have paid for your 2017 NECS membership, there is no extra cost for the conference registration
— please bring your own computer: the rooms in which the panels will take place are not equipped with computers, just with projectors; if you use a Mac, please bring your own adaptor in order to be able to connect your Mac to the VGA cable of the projector
— if you can, please save your presentation on a USB key, so that the different speakers of a panel can use the same computer; changing computers for each presentation may result in a loss of time that will reduce the time for the Q&A at the end of the panel
— there will be two different ways to connect to the internet in the building where the panels will take place (see the point below): this said, since internet connections are never 100% reliable, we strongly advise you not to depend on an internet connection for your presentation; please try to prepare and save ahead of time (in your computer, or on an USB key) all the materials (videos, etc.) you will need to show
— the two different ways to connect to the internet in the building where the panels will take place are the following: a. through EDUROAM; b. through a network that will be set up especially for our conference ( name of the network: P3-censier password: Necs2017)
— please remember that due to the heightened security measures that are in place in France since two years, it will not be possible to access the different conference venues with a suitcase; bags and backpacks with computers are obviously allowed, but suitcases are not
— because of the same security measures, please make sure that you will always have with you a valid document
Thank you for taking note of all this. We look forward to seeing you next week!
Best regards
The Organizing Committee
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