About NECS


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NECS is a platform for exchange between scholars, archivists and programmers. You are invited to register as a member and to help the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies become a reality. Become a NECS member and register on this website today!

With the foundation of NECS - European Network for Cinema and Media Studies - we are pursuing multiple aims: By providing opportunities for the presentation of new research publications, conferences, research networks, workshops, we want to stimulate new developments and create a public for new concepts and ideas which will secure our discipline a place as an innovative engine of the humanities. By stimulating the participation of young scholars and researchers we hope to create the next generation of film studies. By fostering exchange across national, cultural, and linguistic boundaries we want to deepen and intensify co-operation in order to make truly comparative work possible. By providing a platform on which research networks can build we hope to make international co-operation a daily routine of our trade.
Our aim is the integration and prosperity of Europe and its cinema(s) without limiting the scope of our activities to European cinema and media. We will not exclude anybody on national or institutional grounds, but we are open to anybody with an active interest in the study of the European cinema, both theoretical and historical. We especially wish to include spaces still marginal to the cultural, economic and political exchange in Europe, like Turkey and Russia, but also states from the former Eastern block who have not yet become members of the European Union. Furthermore, we want to put special emphasis on the growing multicultural and multiethnic composition of European states as well as on the strategic proximity of the nations around the Mediterranean. For several reasons, we consider it important to adhere to the form of the "learned society": we want to keep up a level of scholarship, act as referees for research projects and function as an international lobby group to give our discipline greater visibility and influence.
Thus, a certain organisational solidity is needed in order to be heard in those complex debates. On the other hand, we wish to encourage more open formats of learning, debate and exchange such as workshops, pitching-sessions, joint-publications, international research networks, internet discussion lists etc.

As a first step, NECS was officially founded in Berlin on 10 and 11 February 2006. More than forty scholars, archivists and curators from all over Europe convened at the German Historical Museum in Berlin-Mitte to debate the perspectives of film studies in Europe, to provide a survey of the state of the discipline in various countries and, in the last session on Saturday, to proceed to the creation of a network aimed at fostering film studies in Europe by pooling resources and bringing scholars from all over Europe together on a variety of platforms. The first steering committee of NECS, elected at the Berlin Workshop, officially registered the association. By that time the internet platform went online...

In 2019, NECS looks back on thirteen successful international conferences (Vienna 2007, Budapest 2008, Lund 2009, Istanbul 2010, London 2011, Lisbon 2012, Prague 2013, Milano 2014, Lodz 2015, Potsdam 2016, Paris 2017, Amsterdam 2018, Gdnask 2019). Over the last ten years, the network has grown significantly and now counts over 2700 members. 5 committees help to organize the network which now has 20 different workgroups as well as a Facebook group and a bibliographic service.

At the 2013 membership meeting the newly elected steering committee presented their plans to take ´NECS to the next level´. It is their aim to facilitate the growth and sustainability of the NECS community, conference and (post)graduate intitiatives; to profile NECS both in respect to national media schools and non-European groups and funding institutes; to redesign the website; to start an online Open Access Journal.


Founding members:

Malte Hagener, Vinzenz Hediger, Alexandra Schneider, Patrick Vonderau (Steering Committee 2006-2011)


Past Steering Committee members:

Melis Behlil, Sophie Einwächter, Jaap Kooijman, Tarja Laine, Trond Lundemo, Dorota Ostrowska, Patricia Pisters, Francesco Pitassio, Antonio Somaini, Astrid Söderbergh-Widding, Alena Strohmaier, Petr Szczepanik, Malin Wahlberg.